New for 2017, Distinctive Upholstery & Marine is now offering our own line of synthetic marine decking, UltraDeck™. We are proud to be the first company offering/cutting this superior product in Canada.  As all product is cut in house, we are able to offer endless design opportunities as well as faster turn around times.

Advantages of our product VS Other brands :

- Closed Cell and chemically cross linked for a more durable product.
- High UV resistance, Tested to 3000hr with zero color change
- 26% lighter weight
- 32% higher heat resistance.

snap in flooring

In lieu of the classic rubbered back carpet, we have switched to CompassHB Marine flooring by Spradling. It is by far the most durable product we’ve encountered. It does not break down, stain, mold, does not crush or track out like the carpets. We’ve honestly never been overly impressed with the prior options as they look great only for a year or two. This product is a game changer in this department and we are excited to offer it.